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GO! Program Podcast

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This podcast is hosted by Deniz Yordanov, Sourcing Analyst Sustainable Procurement/SQM and previous GO! Graduate. The series aims to take the listener behind the scenes of what life as a GO! Graduate looks like and what it means to work at a global company such as Essity. We meet with guests from different functions, raising topics such as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Recruitment, Mentorship & Networking, Rotation and of course an overview of the GO! Graduate Program.

Episode 1 - Everything about the GO! Program

In this first episode of the series, host Deniz Yordanov meets with fellow GO! Graduate Hannah-Marie Thomsen and will give you an introduction to Essity's GO! Graduate Program.

Episode 2 - Interview insights & believes and behaviors

In this episode host Deniz Yordanov and fellow GO! Graduate Hannah-Marie Thomsen, IT Project Manager, meets to reflect on their experience when applying to the GO! Graduate Program. In the second half of the episode senior recruiter Nadia Heutschi, Employer Attractiveness and Talent Acquisition Director, Global Centre of Excellence, gives insightful tips and tricks on how to succeed in a recruitment process. 

Episode 3 - DEI at Essity

At Essity we work in diverse teams across geographies, cultures and professional areas, therefore inclusive leadership is something that we expect from ourselves and each other. In this episode host Deniz Yordanov talks to Amie Kromis, DEI Director North America, on how we as a company work on these topics and what exciting new projects are on the horizon regarding DEI.

Episode 4 - Mentoring & Networking

Mentoring and networking is important and highly valued within our organization. Deniz Yordanov talks to GO! Graduate Ana-Maria Lopez and share their insights on how the GO! Program enables for networking across the organization and within the GO! Graduate Community. Later in the episode Deniz is joined by Pia Höök, Vice President Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, who will share input on the importance of mentorship and the benefits and opportunities that follow. 

Episode 5 - It´s all about rotating

In this episode host Deniz Yordanov meets with Christina Felipe, a GO! Graduate in IT, to discuss the possibilities and opportunities that rotation brings both geographically and cross-functionally. 

Episode 6 - Q&A - We are answering your questions!

In this seasons final episode host Deniz Yordanov meets with fellow GO! Graduate Albin Waldeck to learn about his experience of the program and of course to answer your questions. 

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