The foundation was formed in 2000 with funds donated in memory of Alf de Ruvo (1938 – 2000), Licentiate of Engineering and Executive Vice President of Essity.

His friends both within and outside the scientific community made the first contributions together with Essity to ensure a satisfactory annual yield.

Subject area

The purpose of the Foundation is to support forest industrial educational and research activities which promote the technical and scientific progress of the industry.


The scholarships are appointed by the members of the Board of the Foundation in consultation with a research council. There is no application process.

Members of the Board: Prof. Tom Lindström (Innventia and KTH), Dir. Mikael Schmidt (Senior Vice President, Essity) and Associate Professor Rolf Andersson (Fellow Scientist Hygiene/Microbiology, Essity).

Research Council: Dir. Christer Söremark (consultant and researcher within the forest industry), Prof. Myat Htun (Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall), Prof. Gunilla Jönson (Principal of the Technical University of Lund), Prof. em. Gunnar Svedberg (consultant and former CEO STFI-Packforsk), Dr Micael Stehr (Head of FPIRC, KTH), and Head of Dept Ulf Carlson (Chalmers).

Holders of the Alf de Ruvo Scholarship:

2016 Susanne Sütterlin, Uppsala University

2015 Andreas Fall, Stockholm University (SU) 

2014 Christina Dahlström, Mid Sweden University (MIUN) 

2013 - Simon Utsel, KTH 

2012 - (none)

2011 - Jubilee Conference

2010   (none)

2009Kaarlo Niskanen, Finland 

2008Malin Wohlert, KTH and Stefan Lindström, LIU 

2007Birgitta (Engberg) Svensson, researcher at the Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall.

2006Johan Alfthan, researcher at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm.

2005   (none)

2004   Magnus Norgren, MIUN

2003   (none)

2002   Magnus Berggren, LiU

2001   Matti Ristinmaa, LTH

2000   Scholarship inauguration