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Innovation is deeply embedded in our company’s strategy and business model

International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women's Day 2023, we're sharing inspiration from our employees and brands, who are engaged in breaking barriers to well-being by putting gender equality front and center. 

Essity is partnering with the United Nations Foundation, their supporters, and advocates around the world to ensure girls and women are #EqualEverywhere. You can pledge solidarity with the global movement at

Essity Employees #Choose to Challenge

TENA is trusted by millions of women all over the world to manage bladder weakness. Encouraging women to be who they are and live the life they want and deserve has always been our top priority. Today, let’s take the opportunity to reflect on all the progress being made in our fight for equality.

Modibodi x Puma
Last year, PUMA and Modibodi joined forces to help women move without limits. 

“No woman should have to sit on the sidelines of life because they have their period or bladder leaks. We are thrilled to launch this collection with PUMA and together normalize menstruation and tackle the stigma that people can't be active on their periods or when experiencing any of life’s leaks”
- Kristy Chong, Modibodi CEO and Founder
Modibodi All-Gender Collection

Modibodi is for every body, which is why we’re so proud to introduce our All-Gender Collection of period underwear.


Did you know that in some parts of the world, #menopause is associated with disease? Or that menopausal women can become pregnant? There are countless stigmas, myths and misinformation around this transition. To raise awareness and break the taboo surrounding it, #Essity has launched #Issviva. stages of menopause.


A good night’s rest is a fundamental part of our health and wellbeing. The shame and stigma that permeates the experience of having your period in the day doesn’t go away at night.

Courageous Conversations

IT takes more than women to advance in gender equality, it takes systematic work, building on insights from research, data, and experience. To pay a tribute to International Women’s Day, tune in to Deniz and Amie talking to Pia Höök, Essity´s Vice President for Diversity Equality about the importance of gender equality in the workplace!

Podcast: The Future is Femtech

Women’s health has often been side-lined and seen as a niche area – even though it affects half of the global population. However, the tides are changing. Over the last years, female-focused tech startups designed to support women’s health have entered the health care stage. It has become clear – the future is Femtech.

The power of mindful communication

Read more about what Joséphine has to say about mindful communication across borders, cultures, and backgrounds is more important than ever for building a harmonious and connected world.