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The power of mindful communication


Mindful and authentic communication across borders, cultures, and backgrounds is more important than ever for building a harmonious, equal and connected world. If we speak 'with' rather than 'to' each other, we reach better understanding. I do not like provoking communications, I prefer progressive,  inspirational and motivating. 

International Women's Day (IWD) occurs on March 8, a globally celebrated day and a call to action to accelerate gender equality. Since the first IWD in 1911, many people have gained access to water, sanitation, education, and employment. However, women continue to face challenges, and in a fair world, gender should not determine access to basic hygiene needs.

According to UN Women, 1 out of 3 women globally is exposed to harassment, physical/sexual or both during her life. And, United Nations Foundations states that only 14 countries in the world have reached legal gender parity and 2.4 billion women of working age still do not have same legal rights as men. 

Innovation and technology are the main topics for IWD 2023, focusing on gender equality and empowering all women and girls. Education is a fundamental human right. Essity creates digital applications to teach children correct hygiene habits from a young age. Teenage girls can join our Essity and Unicef in Mexico and Saba and Tork partnership program and gain knowledge from experts, doctors, and patients. I have been personally out in schools together with them educating about menstruation and proper hand hygiene. 

Essity supports the 'Equal Everywhere' campaign that brings together the United Nations Foundation and partners committed to achieving the urgent systemic change needed at all levels, in all countries, to end gender discrimination. Our aim is to build, nurture, and mobilize communities of support for girls and women across and between countries, sectors and communities. Gender should not limit a girl's opportunities for a fulfilling life.

We recently introduced our Studio Taboo, showcasing the incredible stories of individuals who have faced pressure and stigma. These inspiring stories offer representation and empowerment to those in similar situations, creating a community of courage and strength. Together, we can break down the walls of stigma and create a world where all women feel accepted and valued.

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As a global company, we enforce employee, legal, and sourcing standards to eliminate gender discrimination and promote equality. Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy prioritizes getting more women in to middle management positions, accommodating workplace and spaces for employees with different abilities, and of course, we continue to collaborate with public affairs for policy changes for a more inclusive society. Our latest Essentials Talks podcast showcases our commitment to these values.


With all of this said, we can do much more. So can everyone. If we all just do something, the result and change would be huge! Let us join hands and work towards building a better world for ourselves and for generations to come.

Best regards, Joséphine