The TENA SmartCare Change Indicator™ is a digital health technology by Essity. It comprises a small, reusable sensor - easily attached to the absorbent incontinence product - to track the degree of urine saturation. Caregivers can check the moisture level via the TENA SmartCare Family Care app on their mobile device, which helps them decide when it’s time to consider changing the absorbent product.  

The study demonstrates that proper use of Essity’s TENA SmartCare Change Indicator™ not only significantly reduces leakage (40%) and the number of checks between changes (16%), but also enhances the well-being of people with incontinence (60%) and alleviates the worries of caregivers for their loved ones’ comfort (71%).      

Professor Piotr Radziszewski, Head of Urology at the Medical University of Warsaw Hospital and co-author of the clinical study, explains: “When older adults with incontinence are being cared for by a family member or caregiver, difficulty in communication might occur which can cause more work and discomfort for caregivers. To ensure the comfort of the incontinent individual, the caregiver often checks the saturation level of the absorbent incontinence product by touching, looking or also asking. This process not only causes worry for the caregiver, but also invades the privacy of the incontinent individual.”  

He continues: “The clinical study has shown that the TENA SmartCare system helps caregivers decide when to change the absorbent incontinence product, as demonstrated by the observed reductions in the number of manual checks and leakages. Caregivers also reported the system as being easy to use, with meaningful benefits for both themselves and the individuals being cared for. With these proven results, TENA SmartCare is the next step in delivering innovative, quality incontinence care management solutions for the future.”   

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