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The diapers we produce are illustrative of our ambition to do more with less. Our innovation efforts to improve the absorbency of thinner products has produced diapers that are 18% lighter. This allows for reduction of weight in transportation, ultimately leading to a reduction of their carbon footprint by up to 25%, since 2008.


Reducing unnecessary diaper changes

Our greatest innovation efforts seek to create value for both people and nature. In our approach to such innovation work, we gather consumer insights alongside product life cycle assessments and emerging technological developments. The end result is a superior solution for our customers and consumers that has a reduced impact on the environment. 

The wetness change indicator on our Libero Diapers allows parents to know when their baby needs to be changed, which maintains the skin health of the baby, whilst reducing the waste that is produced by unnecessary diaper changes.


Find new ways to dispose diapers

Looking to the future, we want to find new ways to dispose diapers. We are partnering with the waste to product company Renewi in the Netherlands to recycle used products and create new materials in a recycling pilot planned for the end of 2020. We hope this will contribute to less waste from products and create new materials in the future.

We aim to design innovative technologies and products that have a significant contribution to our 2030 target of aiming to recover 100% of waste from all production units through material and energy recovery.