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Helping parents build their own unique family


Historically, the idea of what it means to be a parent, and what a family looks like, has been rather limited. Essity has been a provider of baby care products to families worldwide for decades, and we know that every family is unique. That’s why we support new parents with information and innovations to make parenting less challenging and enable everybody to start a family with more confidence and hands-on access. 

“In the results of a survey of new parents in six countries we commissioned, it becomes clear that there are many different ways of being a parent,” says Patrik Stoopendahl, Project Manager, Modern Parenting Study at Kairos Future, an international consulting and research company that assists companies and organizations to understand and shape their futures. Stoopendahl comments on the results with a particular focus on the most striking differences and similarities between parents in the survey. 
We understand that parenting is tough and that you want to do what is right by your child. That’s why we believe it’s good if all parents acquire the knowledge they need early on, to feel confident and comfortable in making the right decisions for their unique family. It’s important for parents to share both the happiness and the burdens of parenting. If both mother and father are engaged and have hands-on access, it creates less stress and more harmony. Creating less stress is also the aim behind Libero’s (one of Essity’s leading baby care brands) decision to change the pictures on their brand products, in order to capture the essence of real families in real situations. The pictures feature same-sex parents, children with Downs syndrome and single mothers and fathers who represent a truly inclusive modern society.
“We wanted to break with idyllic images of a “perfect family” that mostly create stress for parents and instead, show more diversity in the images parents across the world see as they embark on this journey,” says Anna Smitterberg, Global Marketing & Communication Director, Baby Care, Essity.
Mothers across all countries in our survey feel that their partner takes less responsibility, but at the same time 62% of fathers want more information on how to be a better parent
But when it comes to “co-parenting”, one of the most important people to include is your partner.
“Mothers across all countries in our survey feel that their partner takes less responsibility, but at the same time 62% of fathers want more information on how to be a better parent,” reflects Stoopendahl, who recently became a father himself. “It’s interesting because I find myself relating to people who look at parenting in the same way that I do; people that I might never have related to otherwise,” he continues.
There are, of course, many ways to be a good parent, but social media and society in general, often create an idealized image of the experience that can add pressure to an already challenging role. We want to remove this burden and help parents to get the knowledge the need.
“At the beginning of 2018, we launched the app You+, making it easier for parents to enjoy their parenting journey together. The app is like a diary where both parents can upload images, make purchases and chore lists and keep track of who has done what. We also spread knowledge through the You+ app by providing interesting information about the development stages of the baby, tips, inspiration and more,” explains Smitterberg.
Through the app, both parents can follow their baby’s development even when they are not physically there with them, helping to distribute work and make “invisible” chores more visible.
Libero have also introduced tutorial films for fathers, enabling them to participate more and also offering tips and tricks to help them become the kind of fathers they want to be. With this in mind, we are going to great lengths to help give parents an experience they can both continue to enjoy, while on this fantastic journey together. We hope that by starting this conversation and adopting a hands-on attitude, parents can confidently address the need for a more inclusive and open definition about what it means to be a parent.

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62% of dads want more information on how to be a better parent.

- ZERO TO THREE’s National Parent Survey, 2015.