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Hygiene and Health Have no Gender

This International Women’s Day, Volker Zöller, President Consumer Goods at Essity, puts the spotlight on hygiene and health gender (in)equality. We all have a role to play to challenge taboos and stereotypes and help raising the health and hygiene standards all over the world.​


The unfair race

Zewa‘s campaign Care Well Live Well Together is illustrated as an unfair race between boys and girls, which suggests the impact of unequal division of household tasks. The aim is to get parents to think about the impact of the example they set at home.​


Care YOUR way

A global study reveals women’s quest for the perfect vulva. But there is one problem. It doesn’t exist. Libresse’s campaign celebrates the vulva in all its beautiful forms and fights against the myths, insecurities and stereotypes that women are subjected to when trying to care for their vulvas.


Challenging gender stereotypes

Three in five couples argue about cleaning and hygiene roles at home. We believe that sharing equal perspectives around cleaning and hygiene tasks at home not only improves gender equality, but also leads to a more harmonious family life. Hygiene has no gender – so why let it get in the way?


Showing periods should be normal

Periods are a natural part of life, so why are they rarely given any screen time? Surely hiding something so normal only adds to the shame and embarrassment many women feel when it comes to their periods. Let’s be open about it.



Essity‘s employees from all over the world came together to show their support for International Women‘s Day and #balanceforbetter hygiene and health standards all over the world.


Diversity in our workforce makes us stronger

Brilliant manufacturing and engineering is at the heart of what we do. But these are areas of our business that have always been typically male dominated environments. At Essity, we believe that a better gender balance within our workforce makes us stronger. That’s why our female engineers are helping us to break down the barriers that stop young women from considering a career in engineering.


Partnership in action

As partner to the United Nations Foundation, Essity will open the UN 2019 International Women’s Day Luncheon, Friday March 8 in Washington D.C. Joséphine Edwall Björklund, SVP Communications Essity, will give an opening speech addressing gender equality and economic empowerment of women. The theme of the lunch is: “Think equal. Act now.”