Incontinence, defined as the involuntary loss of urine or faeces, is a disease that is rarely spoken about. It affects approximately 400 million people globally and has a major impact on users’ and carers’ well-being and dignity, as well as on health care costs.

Access to appropriate solutions not only improves the quality of life of those with incontinence, it also generates value for society.

World Continence Week was created by the International Continence Society (ICS) as an annual initiative aimed at raising awareness about incontinence related issues. It began in 2008 as World Continence Day and now takes place over the course of the last week in June through several events and activities to increase education about incontinence, and give sufferers the confidence to seek help and improve their quality of life.

At Essity we recognize that we have a responsibility to spark discussions and promote new solutions to improve the quality of life and the health and hygiene standards around the world.