Feasibility: Innovation concepts based on customer or consumer insight are elaborated and validated. The market situation and the global business potential are assessed, and high-level technological and commercial feasibility are evaluated.

Development: A cross-functional project team leads the development of a proposed solution, including a specific product, service or business model. Requirements of the product, packaging, service and technology are developed and verified with customers and consumers, and communication materials are prepared. Product safety assessments for materials, life cycle assessments (LCAs) and social assessments are performed by experts to ensure product safety and environmental and social performance.

Capacity: The project works toward market launch and building the capability to deliver. Marketing materials are created, the production solution is verified against requirements, and all product and packaging specifications are finalized. The fulfillment of the regulatory requirements governing products in all markets is secured.

Launch: The innovation is introduced to customers/consumers in the market. The intended benefits are weighed against market feedback; the supply chain is adjusted accordingly. Supply and demand balance is optimized in production to ensure efficiency. The feedback then drives the roll-out plan.