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Win in chosen geographies and categories

We aim to hold a number one or number two position in the geographies and product categories where Essity chooses to operate. We compare ourselves with the best competitors in each product category in each geographic market and aim to perform better or in line with the best competitor.

Drive efficiency

Essity is working to leverage global economies of scale and expertise to continuously increase efficiency in all parts of the business, from the supply chain to sales and administration. We are working to establish a world-class supply chain. By improving productivity, reducing material, energy and logistics costs and minimizing waste, we reduce our costs and improve our earnings at the same time as we reduce the environmental impact.

Focus on customers and consumers

Essity’s products and services help to simplify everyday life for hundreds of  millions of people. To succeed, we have to understand the needs, challenges and expectations of our customers and consumers. Customer understanding and consumer insight determine the innovations we develop and how we deliver finished products or services to the market.

Innovate bigger brands

Successful innovations and strong brands go hand in hand. During 2018, Essity launched 29 innovations that simplify everyday life for people and strengthen Essity’s brands and market positions. Essity’s innovation strategy is to consistently deliver better, safer and more environmentally sound products and services to our customers and consumers. We intend to increase the pace and impact of our innovations as well as capitalize on global economies of scale and ensure that we have a competitive portfolio of innovations.