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High employee engagement during Covid-19

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Company support and digital tools keeps employee engagement high and working from home during Covid-19 efficient and productive 

Earlier in June, Essity conducted a pulse survey targeting its office employees, aiming to check in with and understand the current situation and unique needs during the coronavirus pandemic, when the majority of office employees are working from home. The survey generated a high overall result of 4.46 out of 5, with a 73 percent response rate.

The questions in the survey were categorized in three areas: Crisis Management, Collaboration and Leadership. The answers state that more than 8,000 office employees working from home know what to focus on in their work and feel productive, they feel that Essity takes a caring interest in their well-being, health and safety and they are proud of how the company is managing the Covid-19 crisis.

The great result is mainly thanks to the following:

  • A focus on three priorities during the crisis; namely care for our employees, contribute to society and secure business success

  • The definition of a global framework for dealing with Covid-19 when it comes to travel, meetings and safety guidelines for offices and factories, with country management and crisis teams in charge of local adaptation and implementation

  • Essity’s investment in the digital workplace, IT infrastructure, and comprehensive trainings, with a special focus on working smart from home

  • Regular communication with regards to these priorities on all levels


"The result tells us that our approach to managing this crisis in Essity so far has been successful. It’s been important for us to decentralize the implementation of our global Covid-19 framework and guidelines and to put local crisis teams in charge. Thanks to our digital tools, we have been able to stay connected and continue working in an efficient way," says Magnus Groth, CEO and President, Essity. "Now, it’s important that we keep on supporting our employees, that we leverage our current digital tools and ways of working even more and evaluate the response that we have received to embrace learnings for future of work."