Essity B 276.7 (+2.7 SEK) on 04-Feb-2023 17:29

It Is In Our Hands


With many countries gradually easing lockdown restrictions and the possibility to travel opening up, people might take this as a sign of returning to normal life.

But life is not normal. Many still get infected, pressure on healthcare systems remain high, many countries are still in lockdown and no vaccine is available. For the economy, the right thing is to open up! But, this means, we all have an even greater responsibility preventing the spread of COVID-19. Let us all contribute with what we can. At Essity - care for each other and the society is at the core of what we do. This means protecting each other and preventing the virus to spread.


It is more important than ever to continue to: Keep good distance, washing our hands regularly and properly with soap and water, and stay home if we don’t feel healthy.

For advice, the World Health Organization public advice is a good place to start and here are some additional tips:

  • Wash hands with soap and water, dry with paper towel preferably

  • Good respiratory hygiene; sneezing in elbow or tissue, avoid touching face

  • Social distancing and avoid crowds if possible (at least keep distance)

I finish as I started – it is in our hands.

Joséphine Edwall-Björklund, SVP Group Function Communications Essity