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Consumer Tissue

Essity offers toilet tissue, kitchen rolls, handkerchiefs and paper napkins globally under the brands Edet, FamiliaPlentyRegioTempo, Velvet, Zewa and Lotus. The range also includes products under the brands Cosy, Cushelle, Danke, Deeko, Favorita, Feh, Flen, Lady, Lovly, Magiklin, Nevax Opción Verde, Orchid, Top, Vinda, Viti, Okay, Demak-up, Colhogar and Delica

Essity is the worlds second largest supplier of consumer tissue, which includes toilet paper, kitchen rolls, facial tissues, handkerchiefs and napkins. About 50% of products are marketed under Essitys brands, while the remaining 50% is sold under retailers' brands. 

Last updated: 6/13/2017