Refinancing risks and liquidity

At March 31th 2021, the financial liabilities amounted to SEK 52,027m. After additions for net provisions for pensions, leasing, cash and cash equivalents, interest-bearing receivables, the net debt was SEK 43,375m.

Essity’s financing is partly secured through committed bank credit facilities. With these as protection against refinancing risks, Essity uses short-term borrowing under market programs.

Essity’s policy is that loan documentation should not contain clauses that entitle the lenders to terminate the loans or change coupon rates when changes occur in Essity’s financial key ratios or credit ratings. 

As per March 31th 2021, unutilized bank credit facilities amounted to SEK 20,460m. In addition, cash and cash equivalents amounted to SEK 8 291m. 

Bank credit facilities

At March 31th 2021, Essity has two syndicated bank facilities: EUR 1,000m (SEK 10,230m) with a final due date in 2025 and 20261 and EUR 1,000m (SEK 10,230m) with a final due date in 2024 and 20252.