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Essity B 295 on 06-Dec-2019 18:00

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Essity strives to be a dedicated partner in the local communities in which it operates.

In 2018, Essity invested approximately SEK 18 million and about 12000 employee man hours (including management overhead) in over 300 projects, split in SEK 11 million cash (60%) and SEK 7 million (40%) product value. Most of the projects were related to hygiene and health.

For additional information about Essity´s community relations see non-financial note H5.


Hygiene solutions

We will make our knowledge about hygiene and health available to customers and consumers and ensure access to affordable, sustainable solutions to help them lead a healthy and dignified life.

In markets in which we operate, we will:

  • Provide information and implement education programs on hygiene and health
  • Strive to raise hygiene and health standards

Below table represent a combined split of Essitys initiatives in Community Relations activities and Hygiene solutions.