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Essity has the opportunity to meet social and environmental needs and improve well-being for millions of people. Through the innovation of products and business models, challenges can be transformed into business opportunities and form the basis for our future offerings


  • We will deliver better, safe and environmentally sound solutions to our customers. We strive to continuously improve resource efficiency and environmental performance considering the whole life cycle for new innovations.

Like everyday underwear

Protection is of course the first consideration when you use incontinence products, but why compromise on discretion or appearance? TENA’s innovation team has taken this wish and created TENA Lady Pants, the TENA product that is closest yet to everyday underwear.

TENA Lady Pants is an absorbent, disposable pant with a feminine design and cotton feel, it looks like your everyday underwear and protects against leakage, odor and moisture. A thinner core and anatomic fi t combine with the cotton feel to offer greater comfort and discretion. In addition, the thinner design makes the product better for the environment by reducing its climate impact by 19%.

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New Tork SmartOne reduces paper consumption

The Tork SmartOne toilet paper dispenser is designed for use in schools, hospitals, stadiums, railway stations and other environments with stringent demands on cost control and hygiene.

Consumption of toilet paper can be reduced by up to 40% compared with traditional jumbo roll dispensers. Only one sheet is dispensed at a time, which also reduces the risk of pipe blockages

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Susan Iliefski-Janols

Director Sustainability

Direct: +46 31 746 0711