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We aim to reduce the carbon footprint of our products. This means focusing on forest management, energy efficiency at our production facilities and among our suppliers, as well as smarter product designs. Essity’s contribution toward Goal 13 involves improving resource efficiency in manufacturing, achieving Science-Based Targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and supporting relevant external initiatives and agreements.

Way forward

We focus on resource efficiency in our manufacturing and in product solutions to consumers and customers (energy efficiency, materials optimizations and smarter product design)

We will continue to develop and deliver on targets for the future.

We will also support and contribute to international commitments and agreements (i.e. Paris agreement) as well as national and local initiatives

And we´ll continuously be reducing carbon footprint on products and services - measured with Life Cycle Assessment


Essity has undertaken by 2030, with 2016 as reference year, to reduce the climate impact of:

– Scope 1 and Scope 2 with –25%

By 2018 the outcome was –5%

– Scope 3 –18%

The outcome will be reported as of 2019