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Essity enables more people every day to enjoy a fuller life by offering access to sustainable hygiene and health solutions and providing hygiene and health education. We work to promote responsible forest operations throughout our supply chain and require our suppliers to fulfill strict criteria stipulated in our Global Supplier Standard and our fiber policy. Essity’s contribution toward Goal 15 consists of the certification of suppliers and our own production, ensuring the use of certified fiber in Essity’s products and packaging, and the responsible use of other input goods.

Way forward

All fresh wood based fiber raw material in our products and packaging will be FSC® or PEFC™ certified.

Continuously secure responsible use of other renewable ingredients and materials such as palm oil and /renewable plastics.


  • In 2018, 76% of the fresh wood based fiber raw material was FSC or PEFC certified. All remaining fiber fulfills FSC´s criteria for Controlled Wood which is a minimum standard. 

  • At the year end 2018, 71% of Essitys procurement spend was sourced from suppliers committed to the criteria specified in our Global Supplier Standard.

Example of partnership:


Essity's fiber and sourcing target:

  • All fiber used in our products will be FSC® and/or PEFC certified or fulfill the FSC’s standard for controlled wood.  
  • We will evaluate all of our supply streams from a total risk perspective. By 2020, we will source all of our procurement spend from suppliers committed to the criteria specified in Essity’s Global Supplier Standard.