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Essity improves access to sustainable sanitation and hygiene solutions. Essity’s contribution toward Goal 6 includes our work to achieve efficient water usage throughout the entire lifecycle of our products and improve access to sustainable sanitation and hygiene solutions, with special focus on girls and women.

Essity works independently as well as with partners to contribute to sustainable water use and sanitation.

Way forward

We will continue to identify potential areas for value creation in relation to water and sanitation
We´ll work with partners to identify sanitation needs and develop solutions

Outcome 2014-2018 for our plants:

  • Reduced suspended solids by 19%
  • Reduced water usage by 3%
  • Reduced organic content (BOD) by 25%  

Example of partnership:

WASH pledge by WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development)

By 2020, with 2014 as reference year, our plants will:

  • Reduce levels of suspended solids by 10%.
  • Reduce water usage by 10%.
  • Reduce organic content (BOD) by 10%.