The School Hygiene Essentials Initiative is being facilitated by Essity, a leading global hygiene and health company, and aims to improve education and wellbeing outcomes for school children by empowering school staff, parents, local authorities and children themselves to drive genuine action and change to improve hygiene levels in school toilets.

The Initiative launched in 2018 following research in partnership with YouGov UK which highlighted that poor hygiene in primary school toilets is impacting children’s health, education and wellbeing. To spotlight these issues, we created the Bottom of the Class report which outlines the key issues around hygiene in primary schools and the impact of these on children and school staff.

Our research identified that hygiene issues transcend social and regional barriers in both primary and secondary schools. To highlight these issues, we have conducted a series of research projects to spotlight other hygiene issues across primary and secondary schools in the UK.

Supporting Organisations: