Essity acquires distribution rights to Sorbact in Australia and New Zealand
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Essity enters agreement to acquire Australian hygiene company Asaleo Care
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Essity acquires smart ultrasound technology for incontinence care 
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Acquisition of ABIGO Medical AB
Essity acquires 75% of the medical solutions company ABIGO Medical AB.
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Essity divests partly owned company in Turkey
Essity is divesting its 50% stake in the partly owned company SCA Yildiz in Turkey to the other part owner Yildiz.
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Acquisition of companies in Peru and Bolivia
On February 16, 2018, Familia, in which Essity has a 50% stake, acquired the remaining 50% of the company Productos Sancela del Peru with operations in Peru and Bolivia. The consideration transferred amounted to SEK 310m. Essity has consolidated this company as a subsidiary with a non-controlling interest. Prior to the acquisition, the company was consolidated as an associate according to the equity method. The previously owned share of equity was remeasured at fair value in the amount of SEK 225m and recognized as an item affecting comparability in profit or loss.

Acquisition of companies in Ecuador
On April 3, 2018, Familia, in which Essity has a 50% stake, acquired the company Industrial Papelera Ecuatoriana S.A. (INPAECSA) with operations in Ecuador. The payment transferred amounted to SEK 68m.


Essity was previously part of SCA. For acquisitions and divestments prior to the split, please visit www.sca.com.