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  • Andrea Di Paola is one of the youngest Vice Presidents in Essity at just 37 years old. And, since he joined the company 8 years ago, he has had an exciting  career journey with us. Starting in December 2011 as Operational Excellence Manager EMEA in Gothenburg, he has had a variety of roles during since: Plant Manager and Operational Director in Slovakia,)Vice President of Global Operations based in Munich, and this  July, he started a new chapter as Vice President Sales & Marketing Retail Brand Europe and Iberia. Andrea is a shining example that in Essity every career is as unique as the individual and a move from Manufacturing to Sales & Marketing is posible. He took some time to sit with us and tell us about his career and what does it mean to be a leader for Essity.

  • Over the last 12 months, the Professional Hygiene E-commerce team has made incredible progress to advance the Tork brand’s position on the digital shelf. Denise Vivas, VP E-commerce, reflects on joining Essity and some highlights from the team’s inaugural year. 

    She shares a look back and her thoughts on the future.

  • At Essity, we do not only develop innovative products and services - we also make a difference by breaking taboos around incontinence and menstruation, educating children and healthcare professionals about hand hygiene and contribute to a global dialogue on hygiene and health.

  • Essity and colleagues across the company are promoting the importance of effective hand hygiene and proper wound care in the Wound Warriors campaign.

    Antimicrobial resistance is one of the most pressing global healthcare problems today, as more and more bacteria become resistant to antibiotics and antimicrobials. It is estimated that unless action is taken, the burden of deaths from resistant bacteria could increase to 10 million lives each year by 2050, at a cumulative cost to global economic output of 100 trillion USD.*1

  • From social media campaigns with viral potential to data driven customer experiences, find out more about the winning entries.
  • Gael de Talhouet, Vice President Brand Building, recently sat down with us to share a little of his journey at Essity and the success factors to Brand Building. He gives us a look into how we work across brands and business units, the skills and attitude needed and some of our successes thus far. 

    Gael has been with Essity for 4 years, bringing a passion for Brand Building, Artificial Intelligence (AI), e-commerce and User Experience (UX), as well as a long track record of developing big brands. Be sure to watch the video to learn more about Gael and how we build superior brand experiences across the whole consumer and customer journey. 

  • Early in 2017 we sat down for an interview with Alfie Ryder who was, at that time, in the Essity apprenticeship program. Since we last spoke with Alfie he has passed his apprenticeship and has moved on to a full-time role as an RST Mechanical Technician at Essity. Alfie took some time earlier this month to tell us about his career journey and how life at Essity is going. Here’s what Alfie had to say.

  • This year, we celebrate ten years of ESAVE – Essity's energy savings program. However, its more than just a program, it's about a way of working.

  • The celebration of 25 years partnership with Unicharm took place last week at the Hoogezand Plant in the presence of Board Members of the joint venture as well as Jan Jakob Boersma from the Midden-Groningen Municipality and Hoogezand colleagues who initiated the joint venture back in 1993.

  • Initially from Colombia, Jennifer Diaz first moved to France to improve her French speaking skills. After deciding to stay in France and complete her master’s in marketing, Jennifer sought out a new challenge as an Essity GO! Graduate in France.  A few years later Jennifer is now a Brand Manager for Essity. Jennifer took some time out of her busy schedule to speak to us about her career journey and how her start as a graduate assisted in both her personal development and her role as Brand Manager. 

  • Whether we are working in an office or in a factory, are travelling or working from home, safety must be the number one concern. At Essity, we believe a safe work environment is a happy work environment. We want our employees and customers to know we put safety first in all aspects of working life at Essity. To raise awareness of health and safety issues, last week Essity celebrated Global Safety Week across the company.

  • With a passion for anything technical from an early age, Charlotte Lion always knew she would end up in engineering. Charlotte initially started at Essity in a traineeship program and, having already lived abroad in Spain, she leapt at the chance to work in the UK for a year.  Since then Charlotte has completed her traineeship program moved on and is now a process engineer Essity Operations in Gien, France. As a process engineer, things don’t get much more technical. Charlotte took some time out of her schedule to sit down with us and tell us a bit about her career journey so far.

  • Apprenticeships at Essity

    At Essity we are committed to the training and development of the future success of our business and our Apprenticeship Programs have become well established over many years with opportunities across the world.  

  • Two years into his career with Essity, Juan has already learned a lot in the Essity Apprenticeship Program. Juan is 25 and started with Essity in September 2016 in a new position within the Essity apprenticeship scheme as a technical apprentice and he been busy ever since! Nevertheless he took some time out from his studies and work to answer a few questions about his time with Essity so far and reflect on his journey as an apprentice. 

  • Graduates

    Are you interested in beginning your career in an exciting, fast-paced, international environment? 

  • Rosa Mercade joined Essity over a year and a half ago and has already had quite a career journey with Essity already in a relatively short period of time.Starting in February 2017 supporting the Retail Team, Rosa now manages her own teams and projects.  In the fast-paced and ever changing landscape of Retail, Rosa has to be both flexible and decisive in her role as Retail Brand Manager for Essity, Spain. She took some time to sit with us and tell us about her role and career journey with Essity so far. 

  • At Essity we believe that goodbye doesn’t have to mean the end, with initiatives like the Essity Alumni Network, it could just be the beginning. The Essity Alumni network was first initiated last year with a desire to stay in touch with former Essity employees and provide a platform for discussion. In the previous 12 months the alumni network has grown in size and scope and continues to offer a growing variety of exclusive benefits to our alumni

  • Essity co-hosts expert roundtable meeting in Geneva with the United Nations (UN)

  • The initiative invites partner universities from around the world to collaborate with Essity in an effort to improve well-being for humanity through innovative problem solving.

  • With a strong sense of adventure and personal drive Maria Rodriguez has had quite a career journey with Essity. Starting as an Intern for SCA, Maria is now a Brand Manager working in Santa Fe, Mexico. Maria has to maintain an agile mindset and a flexible outlook as each day can be very different from the previous. She took a few minutes from her busy schedule earlier this month to speak with us to find out a little bit more about her career journey with Essity so far.

  • Essity has finalized a new Fiber Sourcing Policy, describing the company’s principles, intentions and requirements for its deliveries of fresh wood based fiber materials. The policy sets a target that all fiber raw material in Essity’s products will be certified.

  • Är du på väg ut i arbetslivet och söker ett roligt och lärorikt arbete där du får vara med och påverka? Essity GO! Program riktar sig till nyutexaminerade masterstudenter som är intresserade av att jobba i en internationell miljö med produkter som gör skillnad för människor i hela världen.

  • Simon Johnson has recently joined Essity, in a time of great change and has already been part of some large project in that periods. We took a few minutes earlier this month to sit down with Simon and hear more about his career journey with Essity so far and his passion about innovation and technology.

  • We are on a mission to innovate and improve essentials people use every day. Each year Essity works closely with our partner universities, inviting students to submit their innovative ideas and solutions to unique challenges through short video submissions.

  • Katara (Kat) Davis believes in taking control of your destiny and seeks out challenges. Kat started with Essity in 2010 and has been part of some big projects and changes in that time. As a Product Assortment / Management Director Kat manages teams and projects across global networks. At any given time, she acts as a motivator, coordinator, and even crisis negotiator. Earlier this month, we sat down with Kat to hear more about her career journey with Essity so far.

  • Osmar Garcia seeks out challenges, stretch his limits and has a strong drive for success. As an Essity GO! Graduate Osmar has had the possibility to feed his curiosity and apply his drive into different roles. Earlier this month, we sat down with Osmar to hear more about his experiences as a GO! Graduate and reflect on his career journey so far.

  • You get passion, intellect and true desire to transform the world! 

  • Throughout the last months Essity employees in Moscow, Vienna, Kosice, Kiev, Athens, Budapest,  Bucharest and Dubai have undertaken a series of team-uniting running events to promote a healthy lifestyle and celebrate that we are now Essity.

  • The Life at Essity Blog is back and better than ever. After a short break, we have a new blogging forum, with a new look, where you can easily follow our colleagues and join in the conversation.

  • What do you think is really important? Help us get the priorities right and focus on the right things.

  • The Vancouver Declaration is a public promise made by companies across the globe to work towards more sustainable sourcing of forest products. It also acts as an endorsement of FSC as our supplier of choice for certification of forest products. The Vancouver Declarations has also been signed by other sustainable companies, such as IKEA and H&M.

  • For the fifth year Essity, formerly SCA, looks to attract the best and the brightest graduates for positions across the globe, through the Essity GO! Graduate Program. If you are looking to work in an exciting international environment don’t miss your chance to apply! 

  • From November 8 until January 21 Fotografiska museum in Stockholm will feature the exhibition Hygiene – A Circle of Life. The exhibition is part of a long-term partnership between Essity and Fotografiska, which aims to highlight how hygiene and health affect people’s well-being, and to make the challenges and taboos surrounding hygiene and health more visible.

  • Bear Essity in mind if you are looking for a meaningful and varied career among established brands.

  • Letter sent from Kersti Strandqvist, Senior Vice President Group Sustainability, to Greenpeace Sweden, September 27, 2017.

  • In response to a Greenpeace report issued today, Essity wishes to outline its work to promote sustainable forestry.

  • What better way to get to know what it is like to work with a company, than hearing it from the employees themselves? We have inspiring colleagues in over 60 countries around the world and we aim to give you a real insight into working life at Essity by sharing some of their stories. Careers in Focus highlights employees’ career journeys and what they find meaningful in their work.

  • The World Health Assembly (WHA) is the world's highest health policy setting body. Its main tasks are to decide major public health policy questions, approve the World Health Organization’s work programme and budget, and elect its Director General. Together with our UN partner WSSCC and Wateraid, Essity hosted an event focusing on “Hygiene and Health throughout the Life Course”.

  • The last issue of Shape Magazine is focused on the SCA Group split into two separate listed companies: one hygiene and health company, Essity, and one forest products company, SCA. Learn more about the two listed companies, the road ahead, meet the respective CEOs and get their thoughts about the split. This and much more….

  • Our Code of Conduct is the framework that helps us translate values into actions. Efforts to promote sound business practices, good working conditions and well-being all originate from the Code, but this is not where they end. To follow through on these efforts, we analyze risks, train employees, and evaluate our own plants and those of our suppliers.

  • As a global company, we impact millions of people’s lives every day, from employees and consumers to suppliers and our communities. With our hygiene and health solutions, we support people around the world to improve their wellbeing in a sustainable way.

    Caring for people’s well-being and supporting human dignity is a fundamental part of our identity. To retain the trust of our stakeholders we must uphold these values wherever in the world we operate. 

  • Welcome to our Alumni Network!  

  • Better health and hygiene starts with us

  • Our leaders play an important role in inspiring, challenging and motivating employees to reach their full potential and help the company to achieve its goals.

  • Our company’s journey and that of our employees’ is very important to us. We are proud of our culture and achievements and share just some of these stories here. Be inspired by the innovations, activities and people that motivate and challenge us every day.

  • We are currently updating our Recruitment System between May 1 and  May 13, 2019.

  • Together, we are people who make a difference.

  • You take the driver’s seat and we will support you.

  • Better health and hygiene starts with us.

  • Interested in learning more about Essity and meeting some of our fantastic colleagues? Join us at a career fair or event near you

  • The Annual General Meeting for Essity was held on April 12, 2018 at 15:00 CET at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre, Stockholm, Sweden. 

  • Our Code of Conduct is the framework that helps us translate values into actions. Efforts to promote sound business practices, good working conditions and well-being all originate from the Code, but this is not where they end. To follow through on these efforts, we analyze risks, train employees, and evaluate our own plants and those of our suppliers.

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  • We are currently updating our recruitment system between May 1 and May 14, 2019.