“After 40 years of experience, this is not Essity’s first period. But for someone it is. And puberty can feel confusing. Your body and life changes and many young people feel unsure. Young girls need menstrual protection that is easy to use, fits their lifestyle and is secure. The Essity teens pants are not only standing out thanks to the extensive chemical evaluation and testing performed before launch, but also designed for all body types, flows and situations”, says Paula Stoppert, Senior Product Safety Specialist at Essity.

The period pants for teens starting their period journey have been designed with teens in mind, to give peace of mind. The chemical safety has been priority without compromising on comfort or ease of use. 

“It is important for Essity to demonstrate best practice when it comes to safety for the consumers. We are in a regular dialogue with the European Commission on how to incentivize companies to invest in innovations that are safe and at the same time continue to raise the bar on sustainability. This award is just another proof point that we are putting actions behind words”, says Sofia Krigsman, EU Public Affairs Director at Essity.

In addition to the teens range, Essity has in some regions developed a concept called “Befriend your body” with information in text and video with the aim to educate and help teens through puberty, their periods and to get to know their bodies.