With our partners we collaborate in gathering knowledge and insights, using our different perspectives, collective competences, and resources to find solutions to societal challenges and drive progress towards global change. Together with partners such as the United Nations Global Compact we are for example making a difference by raising hygiene and health standards, reducing greenhouse gas emission, and preventing deforestation, and thereby contributing to a more circular society and the well-being for millions worldwide. 

By partnering with others who share the same challenges and opportunities we also contribute to share knowledge and raise awareness about what is needed to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our work with Science Based Targets to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and our mission to raise awareness and break taboos are examples of how Essity can play an important role in society and be an actor in the public debate. 

As a part of our Public Affairs work, we contribute with our expertise and showcase sustainable solutions in our products and services. One example of doing this is through partnership with other global leading companies and industry organizations such as the Consumer Goods forum (CGF) and AIM: European Brands Association, through which we encourage the global adoption of practices and standards and contribute to shaping policy on issues that promotes a more sustainable and circular society.