With our partners we collaborate in gathering knowledge and insights, using our different perspectives, collective competences and resources, to find solutions to societal challenges and drive global change in for example raising hygiene and health standards, thereby improving well-being and the lives of millions worldwide. With our partners such as the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) and the United Nations Global Compact Health Action Platform, as well as the United Nations Foundation, we share knowledge and raise awareness about what is needed to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our work with awareness raising and breaking taboos is one example of how Essity can play an important role in society and be an actor in the public debate. 

As a part of our Public Affairs work, we contribute with our expertise and showcase sustainable solutions in our products and services. One example of doing this is through partnership with other global leading companies. In the initiative Together for a Sustainable Europe Essity is contributing in shaping EU-policy on issues that promotes a more sustainable and circular society. The companies involved are: Electrolux, Ericsson, Essity, H&M Group, Ingka Group/IKEA Retail and TetraPak Group.

In 2018 we educated about 2.5 million people about hygiene and health, including teaching children the importance of hand hygiene, young women about puberty as well as educating people and staff at nursing homes about incontinence.