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Dividend policy

Essity aims to provide long-term stable and rising dividends to its shareholders.

When cash flow from current operations exceeds what the company can invest in profitable expansion over the long term, and under the condition that the capital structure target is met, the surplus shall be distributed to the shareholders.

Earnings, dividend and dividend yield

The Board of Directors decided on an increase of the dividend of 8% to SEK 6.75 (6.25) per share. March 29, 2021 was the record date for the right to receive dividends.

2018 (2,6%*)
2019 (2,1%*)
2020 (2,6%*)
Earnings per share, SEK
Dividend per share, SEK
*Dividend Yield


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Earnings per share, 2020
14.56 SEK
Dividend per share, 2020
6.75 SEK