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Innovation is deeply embedded in our company’s strategy and business model.

Organization and Management

Learn more about Essity's organization and management with Board of Directors, President and CEO, Executive Vice President and CFO, Group Functions as well as Presidents for the Business Units and Global Units.

Anna Sävinger Åslund (1969)
Senior Vice President, Group Function Human Resources
Mikael Schmidt (1960)
Senior Vice President, Group Function Legal Affairs, General Counsel and Secretary to the Board
Magnus Groth (1963)
President and CEO
Fredrik Rystedt (1963)
CFO and Executive Vice President, Head of Group Function Finance
To be appointed
Senior Vice President, Group Function Communications
Sahil Tesfu (1982)
Senior Vice President Group Function Strategy & Business Development

Global Units

Donato Giorgio (1973)
President, Global Supply Chain
Tuomas Yrjölä (1978)
President, Global Brand, Innovation and Sustainability
To be appointed
President, Global Digital & Business Services

Business Units

Ulrika Kolsrud (1970)
President, Health & Medical
Andres Gomez (1977)
President, Consumer Goods Americas
Volker Zöller (1967)
President, Consumer Goods EMEA
Pablo Fuentes (1973)
President, Professional Hygiene