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Making HerStory

In 2019 Product Supply Medical has established a women networking organization in manufacturing called “Making HerStory”. The idea was to cultivate and celebrate women’s ambition in manufacturing by connecting our members to Essity leaders, professional development resources, carrier opportunities and to build confidence. Today the network is more than that. It is a network driven by women, from the business for the business.

Suzanne Heidrich16-9.jpg
Suzanne Heidrich, network chairwomen, process engineer in Hausbruch factory, Germany

The purpose of our network "Making HerStory" is to create a platform where we can exchange experiences and knowledge as well as learn and grow in a safe environment – says Suzanne Heidrich, network chairwomen. It gives us the chance to broaden our network by getting to know senior leaders and role models within Essity. Beyond that we want to use the network to increase awareness on DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) in all our production sites and offices and show that a higher diversity in our teams brings benefits to all of us.

Thomas Greger, Production Manager in Hausbruch factory, Germany

It is not only about being part of a network, but also about helping to influence the content and topics, as well as sharing experiences from one's own professional working environment to reduce existing barriers – comments Suzanne’s manager Thomas Greger. Especially in manufacturing, we continue to observe a high demand for diversity and a need to bring more active production-related workplaces into focus. I am convinced that different perspectives and individual strengths can have a sustainable impact on the success of a company and that the Making HerStory network will make an important contribution.

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