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Breaking Barriers to Well-being


About our brand purpose

When you are dealing with the essential things in life, you do not make compromises. At Essity, we know that hygiene and health is the essence of well-being for every person on the planet, at every stage of life. It is a simple fact, but one full of complex challenges, from taboos and stigmas to a global need for sustainable development.
That is why we are committed to courageously and innovatively breaking those barriers to well-being.

Breaking Barriers to Well-being

We drive a range of global and local initiatives that raise hygiene and health awareness and standards; we collect insights, share stories, collaborate with partners, educate millions and stimulate a knowledge-based public dialog.


Better Hygiene and Health Standards​

As long as conditions for every day hygiene and health can be improved, there is an opportunity to improve well-being.​


Greater Understanding of Each Other

By bringing taboos and stigmas into the spotlight and promoting a dialogue, we support removing barriers to well-being.


Life-changing Innovation & Digitalization

Transformation of outdated solutions through new innovation and new technology open ways to improve health care and hygiene. 


A Circular and Sustainable Society

Environmental challenges are creating untold harm to the planet and nature, circular sustainable solutions are crucial for progress.

Cover Health & Hygiene Report


Creating insights and reports to drive societal progress.



Creating progress on sustainable development with our partners.



Creating awareness with compelling and engaging stories.



Creating awareness around significant hygiene and health events.