Incontinence Products Health Care

In Incontinence Products Health Care, with the globally leading brand TENA, Essity offers a broad range of incontinence products that also includes skincare products, wet wipes, wash gloves and digital solutions with sensor technology, with sales in the health care sector.

With the TENA brand, Essity is the global market leader in Incontinence Products Health Care. Essity is the market leader in Europe and Latin America and the third largest player in North America.

Medical Solutions

In the Medical Solutions category, Essity offers products and services in wound care, compression therapy and orthopedics. Essity is the world’s second largest player and the market leader in Europe in Medical Solutions in the product categories in which the company is active.

Wound care

In wound care, under the Leukoplast brand, Essity offer a wide range of wound care products for the hospital setting, such as surgical tapes, post op dressing and wide area fixations as well as specialized band aids and other wound care products for minor wounds and scratches in the home environment. Essity also offers products for all stages of healing of chronic wounds, including, for example, the Sorbact and Sorbion technologies, under the Cutimed and Hydrofera brands. Essity is the fifth largest global player in wound care and a leading player in Europe.

Compression therapy

In the compression therapy compression garments such as arm sleeves and stockings as well as compression bandages are offered. The products are used to manage lymphatic and venous conditions as well as during exercise or for longer trips. With the globally leading brand JOBST, Essity is the largest player in the world in compression therapy, holding the leading position in North American and number two position in Europe.


Within orthopedics, solutions are offered for skeletal, muscular and joint injuries as well as for chronic conditions such as arthritis. Products include, for example, casts, splints, braces support products and athletic tapes. Essity sells orthopedic products under the Delta-Cast and Actimove brands and is the third largest player globally.