With the globally leading Tork brand, Essity is the world’s largest supplier of hygiene solutions in Professional Hygiene. Essity is the market leader in Europe and holds a market share that is nearly three times the size of the second largest player. In North America, Essity is the second largest player with a particularly strong market position in the food service segment, where Essity estimates that the company supplies approximately every second napkin. Essity is also the second largest player in Latin America.

Tissue, Services & Solutions
In Tissue, Services & Solutions, Essity offers toilet paper, paper hand towels, napkins, reusable cloths, dispensers, service and maintenance, and digital solutions with sensor technology such as Tork Vision Cleaning, data-driven cleaning..

Wiping & Cleaning
In Wiping & Cleaning, Essity offers wipers and cloths for keeping surfaces clean and disinfected. In 2022, Essity acquired the US company Legacy Converting, Inc. to expand its range of Wiping & Cleaning solutions and further strengthen its presence in the North American market.

Soaps & Sanitizers
In Soap & Sanitizers, Essity offers soap, lotion, sanitizers and dispensers. Good hand hygiene is the most effective way to prevent the spread of disease and infection. Through its Tork brand, Essity works to create awareness of the importance of hand hygiene through information campaigns and education. Essity’s award-winning course “Tork Virtual Reality Clean Hands” is one example of how Essity provides inspiring training showing the correct hand washing and hand sanitation procedures for its customers in the healthcare sector.