The goal is to employ graduates in a variety of key areas, including Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Finance and IT, by end of summer 2018. This will bring the total GO! Community to over 250 people, spread across the company. 

Over a period of 24 months the GO! Program gives fresh graduates their first full-time employment opportunity. At the same time, the program provides the training and the support needed to acquire the knowledge necessary to excel in their current positions and prepare for future roles. 

“The GO! Program aims to develop a strong pipeline of qualified, experienced people that are ready to meet future needs; particularly in countries where we know there is high demand for specific professions, e.g. engineers, or where the labor market is very competitive for certain skills”, says Doriana Gardini, Management and Organizational Development Director. 

The program is developed in-line with the graduate in mind and has its foundation in our commitment to our employees; to improve lives, every day. We feel this is important in ensuring the company attracts the right candidates to meet future business needs. 

Apply to Essity’s GO! Program and get a real job with a real development plan!