Hello Maria, how would you describe a normal day in the life of a Brand Manager? 

“Normal” days are very rare! But, usually I try to start my day by setting priorities, preparing for any meetings and talking with my team to share and receive updates. My main focus revolves around collecting all of the input from my team, the projects across the regions and the business to try and take advantage opportunities or anticipate threats before they slip through our fingers! You definitely need to have a very flexible way of working and thinking in my role sometimes, but it’s great when you anticipate a market shift and get it spot on! Very satisfying. 

It sounds like your role is extremely team-work oriented, is there something you have done or been part of with Essity that really stands out in your work with teams? 

Changing the Regio Brand architecture for sure stands out in my mind.  I was part of a global project where we needed to unify the visual identity of the brand, while keeping the heritage of the brand alive. In the end the project helped us become a stronger global brand, that has a clear identity. This really stuck in my mind because I feel like it was the first project where I got to lead a team that had members from many different areas. I think it meant a lot for the brand because it touched every single product in the assortment and really changed the look of the brand while keeping the heritage alive. 

What are the qualities you value most in the many teams and people you work with?

First, I would have to say compromise and a sense of responsibility. I feel very pleased to work with people that treat projects as if they were their own, are motivated and take pride in what they do. Attitude is another key quality for me, the willingness to learn, experience, get involved, and keep trying. Last, but not least, I extremely value personal drive, to overcome any obstacle, as simple or complex it maybe. We face barriers every day on our jobs, and the people who look for solutions rather than issues have already won half of the battle.

At Essity we believe a balance of personal and professional development is very important, has Essity supported you in your own development?

In my experience my development has been driven by my leaders, who have always been willing to drive and guide me in my projects and development. In general terms though, Essity is constantly seeking to expand beyond not just my immediate responsibilities but giving me access trainings I wouldn’t have otherwise gone for, helping me to develop in a variety of different ways. 

You mentioned the role your leaders have played in your development. What in your opinion makes a good leader? 

I think it’s a combination of many things that make a good leader.  You need to have the ability to consider the future for opportunities, while at the same time always keeping your main focus on the day-to-day. Help to maintain a personal/work balance and instil that same healthy balance to their team and people around them. The final attributes, which I personally consider the most important are to both be able to transmit clear objectives and being a motivator and guide.   

How would you view yourself as a leader?  

I think that one of the most difficult but also important things to do is to look introspectively at yourself as a leader. I try to do this as much as I can, because one of the most important things I look for in my development is to become a better leader every day. I also think it’s important to integrate as a leader outside of my core team too, to be part of multifunctional teams that have good communication and understanding. 

You have been with Essity for a while now, what is the best thing about working for Essity?

In my opinion, it’s the opportunity people have to learn and develop within the company. I am living proof that if you are willing to learn, give all your effort and love what you do, Essity is completely open to give you opportunities and help you grow and keep learning.

We often say at Essity, people are one of the most important assets, and I see every day how this is reflected. For the most part you can set your own pace for development and you have a lot on control on how you want to learn professionally and personally. 

So, what keeps you motivated and gives you energy?

Getting to the office each morning and be surrounded by people that love what they do and enjoy working together motivates me and gives me energy. The team I am in has a great sense of comradery which I think is extremely important. 

What advice would you give to anyone looking to work at Essity?

If you are willing to give 110%, be proactive and a team player, Essity is the perfect place for you.

Quick facts  

• Based in: Mexico City, Santa Fe offices

• Background (business):  TENA intern in SCA, before that intern in Publicidad Virtual a media agency specialized in sports

• Personal motto /quote: Whatever you are, be a good one.

• Favorite movie: The Blind Side   

• Favorite music: Country 

• If you could choose one Essity product to take on a desert island what would it be? Regio Luxury Almond Touch