You are nearly two years into your GO! Program Osmar, can you tell us about the projects you have had in the program?  

A part of my Graduate Program is that I get to spend time in a few different departments before deciding to specialize in an area. I am based in Mexico and have already undertaken several different projects since the start of my career with Essity. I have been in three different projects so far. The first was Marketing with TENA, in which I oversaw projects such as the Pants Latam Strategy. My second was as an Assistant GO! Graduate for Sales in which I was leader of two projects. Nowadays, in my third , I am a project leader for the Key Performance Project of Customer Service. I have had the opportunity to lead projects of high impact for the company and the level of exposure we have with the leaders of the company is really enriching; the independence you have to propose new ideas is priceless.  

Has the Essity GO! Graduate Program differed from what you thought it would be?  

When I joined the GO! Program in August 2016 I was told I would be involved in projects that have an impact on the company. So far, I can happily say it certainly has been that way. I have been part of some exciting projects. The GO! Program has really delivered there.   

In three words, how would you describe your experience thus far in the Essity GO! Graduate Program? 

Challenging, enriching, holistic 

As you know, we are now recruiting graduates for our GO! Program to start later this year; what advice would you give to anyone looking to apply for the GO! Program?  

I’d say… be brave and don’t be afraid to take some risks. In my experience with Essity, if you want to try something, you can try it.  

What qualities do you value most in the people you work with?   

Everybody always seems happy to help each other. There is real passion and energy that they put into what they do every day.  

So what gives you energy?    

Daily challenges. I like to be tested and stretch my limits.  

Does the culture in an international company differ from what you thought it would be?   

Yes, each company has their own culture and tries to align them with their own set of core values. In Essity I found a strong connection between their values and the culture. I never thought a company the size of Essity could have such a strong foundation in employee culture.  

Is there something you have seen or been a part of with Essity that really stands out in your mind?  

The opportunity to meet Magnus Groth (Essity’s President & CEO) definitely sticks in my mind. I got to meet and speak with him, which gave me confidence and really helped me identify both personal and professional qualities a good leader has.  

You mentioned Magnus Groth, what in your opinion makes a good leader?  

Leading by example, being accountable and having passion and love for what they do and by doing so, encourages teamwork and develops management skills.  

Imagine you could speak with yourself a year ago, what advice would you give yourself?   

Take advantage of all the rotations during the program to get specialized in several areas, that will help you to make better decisions in the future. 

Essity has a wide range of products across the world, if you could choose one to take on a desert island what would it be?  

A package of TENA Wingfolded because it would help to make a temporary bed or a small roof to cover from the sun 

Thank you for your time Osmar, would you like to add anything else?  

I just want to say that the GO! Graduate program is a great experience. It has really helped me narrow down what I want to do in my career. It’s been a great journey, full of lessons and knowledge both professional and personal. 

Quick facts  

Based in: Mexico, Santa Fe

University: Tec De Monterrey

Hidden talents: Soccer player

Role model: Nelson Mandela

Personal motto /quote: Always keep your feet on the ground but your eyes in the stars

Favorite movie: Warrior   

Favorite music: 60´s & 70‘s