Matthieu Torres, Plant Manager, reflected in his speech on the day: “I like to see UcM as an old, but mature couple. Today we are celebrating the silver anniversary. This is admirable as it’s quite unusual today that business collaborations last so long. As in a marriage, our joint venture between the Japanese and European culture after 25 years is very strong, having its good times, as well as some challenging moments. As we all know: no pain no gain.” 

Looking back at what has been achieved in the last 25 years, we can proudly say it has been an extraordinary journey. At Essity Hoogezand, we are now operating 9 machines, producing more than 400 million baby diapers per year and close to 500 million pants diapers per year; products which are appreciated every day by our consumers across Europe, America and Asia.

Mr. Nouabi Kawai, Department Manager of International Business Development from Unicharm wholeheartedly agreed that 25 years is an impressive feat and rarely achieved in partnerships: “I recognize there are only a handful of companies in the business world that have maintained a joint venture partnership over a period of a quarter of a century. The enthusiasm of all people involved at Essity and Unicharm to work together made it possible to sustain our long, successful relationship. However, above all, it was only possible with the tremendous amount of energy from everyone here at this ceremony and all the employees who worked for UcM with strong confidence and pride for so many years. Going forward, I further appreciate you striving to continuously provide our consumers with even more useful products and services that can improve their life.”

At Essity, we have initiated partnerships to educate, influence and captivate people on the topic of improving hygiene on a global scale. We believe partnerships like the one we have with Unicharm enable us as businesses to take further our ambitions in making the world a healthier and happier place.