Q: Does it feel like you have ended up with the right career?

- “Definitely! Essity has a firm focus on sustainability and an exciting product portfolio consisting of everything from TENA incontinence products, Libresse feminine care products, Libero diapers and Tork hygiene solutions to wound care products like JOBST and Leukoplast. My unit, Sustainability Products and Services, helps our various business areas to achieve their sustainability targets. We calculate, for example, the carbon emissions that various products generate during their lifetimes and provide proposals for how the products’ climate impact can be communicated to our customers. Essity began working with life cycle assessments back in the 90s, so this is nothing new. What is new, however, is that we have harmonized our climate targets to the goals of the Paris agreement and have committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions across the entire value chain, partly by investing in circular solutions.”

Q: Do you have any examples of circular solutions?

- “One example is that we have developed the world’s first recycling service for paper hand towels, Tork PaperCircle, which not only reduces waste for our customers, but also assists in reducing carbon emissions by up to 40%. We manufacture new tissue products from the recycled hand towels. Another example if the menstrual cup Libresse V Cup, which can be reused many times.”

Which other sustainability topics are important for Essity?

- “Sustainability permeates everything we do. As we further develop our products, we are not only focusing on creating a better fit or increasing absorption, but also on ensuring our products and processes are as resource efficient as possible. We consider, for example, if it is possible to use less material for the product or consume less energy in any of the processes. Our goal is to manufacture products that improve people’s quality of life while at the same time ensuring that they have as little environmental impact on the planet as possible.”

Q: What makes you most proud?

- “That Essity increases awareness and breaks taboos when it comes to hygiene and health-related issues. Every day, millions of men, women and children are prevented from going to work or school and engaging in social activities because of hygiene and health-related issues and for many, this results in their exclusion from society. These problems can be a result of a lack of clean toilets or access to hygiene products, but can also arise from stigmas concerning, for example, menstruation or urinary incontinence. Even though one in four Swedes suffer from urinary incontinence at one time or another, relatively few feel comfortable talking about it openly. Essity is trying to change this by removing the stigma and spreading knowledge. We are happy to stick our neck out and have been awarded a number of prizes for our striking campaigns.”

“I appreciate Essity’s open and inclusive culture.”

Q: Is it important for you to work for a company that shares your ideals?

- “Yes, it’s very important. I want to contribute to a more sustainable world, and I am able to do that here. Sustainability can be looked at from many different perspectives and it is equally important ecologically as it is socially. I am particularly passionate about diversity and inclusion and, as an LGBTQ person, I appreciate Essity’s openness and inclusive culture, and that there is a diversity committee in place to tackle these issues. It should go without saying that everyone is treated equally in the workplace regardless of their background, gender, sexual disposition or faith.”

Title: Environmental Specialist
Education: B.Sc., Chemical Engineering and M.Sc. in Industrial Ecology, graduating in 2019.