“It is a great program to help women to manage knowledge, behavior, personal strengths and to look for new opportunities. It supports women to find senior positions in an environment where the current role models are predominantly male. I am grateful that Essity is providing women this opportunity and it makes me very proud to be an Essity employee.”  

In between group session, the WIT program offers individual coaching and mentoring, an important part that makes a big difference for many participants. “Thanks to WIT I have learnt to handle challenges out of my comfort zone, to go after my goals and how to reach them. These days I handle difficult situations in a better way. On a personal side, I have better self-confidence and communication skills. I have learned to defend my position and my personal space, as well as to prioritize my personal objectives.  

Itzel continues “I think that the best thing with Essity is the people. I can always reach out to a colleague for support. We have a really good community and work environment. Essity is a flexible company and care for the different needs of their employees. For example, family is my priority number one; and I can combine my work with having play time with my little daughter Sofía.”