“The hands-on training sessions provide an excellent opportunity to expand your skillset and be ready for future challenges. The program increased my knowledge in different leadership topics, especially when it comes to beliefs and courageous conversations. The tool for enabling better conversations was one of my favorite topics and I am trying to use it daily.”  

The opportunity to participate in the WIT program quickly led to a very positive outcome for Alessandra “The knowledge I got in the program helped me to take on new job challenges, including applying for my current combined role as Factory IT application architect and business partner. At the time of the WIT program, I was a functional team leader and thanks to the program I got the courage to apply for a more senior role even though I may not have ticked all the boxes for it on paper. I realized that for many positions soft skills are very important as well as the capability to learn through the job.” 

Alessandra shares “A career at Essity is a constant learning journey. As a company, we are really at the forefront in many domains and it simply just great and challenging to be at the edge of the innovation curve, every single day. Individuals and teams are rewarded and recognized for their contribution to the success of the company. There is a constant change and dynamic pace, which, in the end, lead to many opportunities to grow in the organization both horizontally and vertically.”