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Creating an environment that encourages employees to step outside the confines of their job title and explore more

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At Essity, employees love that you are encouraged to take the lead of your own development and deliver success.

Lisa Myers works as Global Brand Communication Manager for Essity, a company breaking barriers to well-being and contributing to a healthy, sustainable and circular society. Essity is a positive force for change and overcoming barriers that stand in the way of improved well-being across the globe.

You can achieve anything you want at Essity if you put the work in

- I just started a new role within Essity yesterday! I’m the Global Brand and Communications Manager for our JOBST compression brand. Before that, I held the role of Intimate Hygiene Marketing Manager and I’ve been with Essity for fifteen years in January 2023. I joined SCA (now Essity) after a few years working in London and I wanted to relocate to North West England. Finding a company with a global footprint but also with the opportunity to grow and learn was important to me. I joined the business as Asda Retail Brand Manager, looking after our paper business, then progressed in my career across several roles in our Consumer Goods division (Shopper Marketing & Brand Management). Fast forward to today and I’ve just joined the Health & Medical division, excited to continue to break down barriers with our JOBST brand.

Lisa explains the expectations of her new role, although the role is still fresh!

- In my role as Brand & Communication Manager I work within a team responsible for the delivery of engaging communication to enhance the overall perception of the JOBST brand amongst consumers & healthcare professionals and ultimately deliver growth for Essity. We create materials that will enable us to connect with those using, fitting and selecting compression garments – this encompasses elements such as product photography and communication support, videos and packaging right through to enhanced selling materials to make more people aware of the JOBST Compression care

Lisa loves that Essity puts teamwork and a forward-thinking approach to culture at the forefront.

- Essity is an ambitious company – continuously growing and evolving its culture. I’ve seen much change as we moved from SCA to Essity but change for the better. The culture has evolved immensely; we’ve had merges and the creation of Business Units, acquisitions and bold launches into new categories. With that amount of change comes opportunity, if you want it. Opportunity to learn new skills, experience different cultures and disciplines and really understand the meaning of teamwork! I’ve been privileged to be part of many great teams within Essity which is what makes this business unique: celebrating successes together but also pulling together in the face of challenge.

Lisa has great advice for anyone thinking of joining Essity.

- Embrace the time people are willing to spend with you. Ask questions, learn from their expertise and understand how you want to drive your own career! Don’t be afraid to share your opinion and bring something new to the business. Take control of your own destiny - you can achieve anything you want at Essity if you put the work in.

Gabrielle Akal

About Lisa:
Name: Lisa Myers
Title: Global Brand Communication Manager
Education:  BA (Hons) Degree in English Language & Literature from The University of Liverpool.
My favorite innovation: Washable Absorbent Underwear for both our Incontinence & Feminine Care brands, taking our leading expertise in both categories to develop a more sustainable offer for consumers.