Personal development is a central part of the WIT program and helps the participants to reach their full potential. “To me it is important to constantly learn more about myself to increase my confidence as a leader and an individual. I promote the power of a growing mindset, self-reflection and learning from mistakes. Thanks to WIT I got new perspectives of my strengths, values, and beliefs which helped me review and analyze my life, my achievements, my career, and the challenges that I have faced. Nowadays I have new and improved methods for self-evaluation, goal setting and fulfilment.I also got access to a powerful network of great individuals.”

Olivera continues “WIT provided me with tools to develop new skills, crucial for me to advance in my role. I now have increased awareness on how gender impact leadership strategies, management of teams, difficult conversations, negotiations, and office politics –real eye openers. The program boosted my confidence and gave me courage to take on more responsibility. Altogether it made me a strong proponent of inclusive leadershipanda better leader for my team.”

“Essity offers development opportunities and continuous learnings. We are encouragedto moveout of our comfort zone, to experiment and reflect. The company recognizes and understands the value of diversity and different perspectives and I am thankful for experiencing the culture, brand purpose to break barriers to well-being and all the great people every day.”