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Skincare plays a crucial role

As a global leader in continence care, TENA understand the crucial role that good skin health plays in ensuring those living with continence are safe and healthy. Our TENA ProSkin range and clear 1-2-3 step solution, ensure that continence care is looked after from all angles. Keeping the skin dry, clean and protected are the fundamentals behind what good continence and skin health looks like.

At this time, we want to highlight some of the key aspects that are also being looked by, providing our expertise to those caring or being cared for.


Looking after dry skin

Frequent hand washing and sanitizing, though a reliable way to ward off illness, can cause dry skin. Dry and cracked skin can increase the risk of contracting infections. Remember to moisturize skin regularly to maintain skin health and soft, safe hands.

All TENA moisturizing products – TENA ProSkin Body Lotion, TENA ProSkin Body Cream, and TENA ProSkin Body Oil – can be used for full body moisturization, including the hands, to help maintain skin health. 

TENA ProSkin Body Cream is the best option for extra dry skin. Recommend applying at least twice a day, especially after each soap & water hand wash, and before going to bed at night.


TENA ProSkin Wet Wash Gloves

For full body cleansing use TENA ProSkin Wet Wash Gloves

  • Provides comfort and convenience for daily body cleansing (can be done in bed)

  • Pocket glove design covers the caregiver’s hand

  • Eliminates risk of cross-contamination from basins and re-usable washcloths

  • Packed for individual use (disposable) – 5 pc or 8 pc packs

  • Saves time and is less physically demanding compared to using soap and water


Tips on hand washing

We recommend to always follow your local hygiene guidelines. 

See TORK hygiene toolkits for professionals related to Covid-19