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Dubai World Expo

The Swedish Pavillon

In 2021, Essity will participate in the Dubai World Expo 2020 when it for the first time is hosted in South Asia, Middle East, and the Africa region. The first World Expo was launched in 1851 in London, and it became a stage where people from around the world gathered to share new business ideas and innovations. Essity will participate in the exhibition to support the Swedish pavilion in collaboration with our leading regional brands Tork, TENA, and Nana. We will display our latest innovations that contribute to better hygiene and health worldwide.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dubai World Expo 2020 was postponed one year and will instead take place from October 2021 until the end of March 2022. 

World's largest meeting place

The Dubai World Expo is expected to bring together visitors from more than 200 countries, and over 150 countries and organizations will participate. This makes it the largest meeting place in the world. The exhibition will strictly follow the guidance from local authorities and the World Health Organization since it is a top priority to keep everyone involved safe.

Essity at Dubai World Expo

By assembling and collaborating across communities, nations, and disciplines, we can increase our chances to solve social, economic, and environmental issues on a global level. The theme of this year’s World Expo is 'Connecting Minds, Creating the Future', with the ambition of inspiring the public by showcasing world-class collaborations and innovations from countries around the globe.

Image: Dubai World Expo Innovation Sponsor Essity

The Swedish pavilion will showcase Sweden’s tech competencies, including the country's most outstanding innovation initiatives and sustainable solutions. The pavilion, also known as 'The Forest' is a joint investment between the Swedish Government and the private sector to encourage tourism, export, and investments.

On-site and virtual activations

Several themed weeks will be hosted and Essity will participate with activation and events both on-site and virtually. Essity will showcase demonstrations, present expert speakers, hold education sessions for the general public, customers, media/PR, NGOs, and additionally participate in governmental visits at the Swedish pavilion.


We will demonstrate how we contribute to better health care and public hygiene through innovative tech advanced solutions. More precisely, through our data-driven washroom solutions (Tork EasyCube), connected continence care (TENA SmartCare), virtual training in hand hygiene (Tork VR Training), and much more. 

With Essity’s leading professional hygiene brand Tork, we will ensure that all kitchens, washrooms, and open areas have the best sanitation and hygiene products available. Nana feminine care and TENA continence care will also provide daily hygiene menstruation and incontinence products to the Swedish pavilion.

Essity hopes that this participation will help to break barriers between countries and foster further partnerships and collaborations in the future.

Image: Let's break barriers to well-being


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