Essity works to create customer and consumer value by providing products that are made with respect for people and nature. As a leading producer of hygiene and health solutions, we not only focus on our own performance, but also on that of our suppliers and, when needed, also further upstream in the supply chain. In selecting suppliers, we look at performance and require compliance with Essity demands and continuous improvement work as well as overall commitment in all areas covered by this Global Supplier Standard.

Demands from the market, from partners, customers, consumers, investors, Non Governmental Organizations (NGO), regulators and the general public are becoming increasingly stringent, as do the demands for transparency, for supply chain due diligence, and for proper documentation and follow up. We believe that the Global Supplier Standard will make requirements clearer for both Essity and our suppliers. In that way, we can together satisfy these evolving demands and provide products we can all be proud of, meeting or exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Jessica Nordlinder
Vice President Global Procurement
Global Supply Chain