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Direct Procurement Materials​

Welcome to Essity Supplier Information Portal dedicated to Direct Materials. ​

The general information about the project and full package of relevant training documentation are available on this page.

We have also prepared training guides and videos related to certain business processes which must be followed by our vendors on the SAP Business Network. 

In case of any questions related to SAP Business Network implementation please go to Contact section, where you can find contact details to our Supplier Enablement Team. ​

Get to know SAP Business Network​

SAP Business Network is a secure, global platform for exchanging business transactions,  strengthens relationships between buyers and suppliers and provides a complete overview of the document flow and the strategic & operational procurement process.​

We, as Essity would like to offer our suppliers to be an important partner in establishment of this one-single platform which will improve the entire supply chain process.

SAP Business Network Documentation​

More information about procedure of connecting to SAP Business Network and basic functionality of the platform can be found in below related documentation.​

It might be beneficial to you also to explore SAP Business Network Release FAQ, where additional details related to SAP Business Network releases are provided. ​

Training Guides and Clips