“The growing COVID-19 pandemic affects us all and the WHO is doing an extremely important job of leading and managing this global effort. As a long-term partner to the United Nations Foundation, we decided to be an early responder and our contribution will be used to directly support WHO’s work to battle the COVID-19 pandemic,” says our CEO and President Magnus Groth. “As a leading global hygiene and health company, we are currently also doing our utmost to continue to manufacture and deliver essential products such as hand paper towels, soap and sanitizers, toilet paper, handkerchiefs and diapers to consumers and customers around the world.” 

At the request of the WHO, the United Nations Foundation has established a COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund to enable individuals, corporations, foundations, and other organizations around the world to directly support WHO’s work. 

“All of us have a personal stake in conquering this pandemic -- whether we realize it yet or not. I’m so grateful to Essity – a long-term UNF partner and a leader in the health and hygiene sector – for recognizing that we can only stop this virus with a coordinated, global response, where everyone -- from every sector -- is doing their part. Their contribution to this historic fund will support the World Health Organization’s lifesaving work to help all countries to prevent, detect, and respond to COVID-19, especially where needs are greatest,” says Elizabeth Cousens, President and CEO, UN Foundation.

All donated funds will be given to the WHO to utilize and distribute in alignment with its plans to fight COVID-19. The majority of the financial resources needed will go to help vulnerable and at-risk low-income countries to step up their preparedness to prevent COVID-19, enhance their abilities to detect and test for the virus, and bolster their ability to respond to stop COVID-19 spread. The additional funds will help WHO directly to fill in funding gaps as it coordinates the global response. As the pandemic evolves, funding needs will also change. 

What do the funds do more specifically?

These funds will, among other things, enable WHO and partners to support countries to help to gather critical data about the virus itself and guide/coordinate scientists around world to develop vaccines, better diagnostic tests and potential treatments. 

Essity has been partnering with the United Nations Foundation for many years, breaking barriers to well-being, through initiatives such as the Global Dialogue, International Women’s Day and the Global Engagement Summit.