For the third year in a row, Essity was nominated for its strong communication initiatives. This year, Essity won for the launch and communication surrounding Tork Paper Circle, the world’s first service for recycling paper hand towels. The jury’s commendation read:

This year’s winner of the Stora Kommunikationspriset award in the “business” category has demonstrated the pivotal role that communication plays in driving change and development. In a complex context, communication and engagement aimed at different target groups have made it possible to create a new product cycle. This year’s winner is the communications department at Essity.

Essity’s vision is about improving people’s well-being. The nomination and the award are based on a strong focus on sustainability and the work of the communication department to contribute to the business. The Tork Paper Circle project is one example of how Essity works in an integrated manner with several target audiences in multiple channels. Tork Paper Circle was launched last year and Essity has initially recycled over 600 tons of tissue.

Essity’s Senior Vice President, Group Function Communications, Joséphine Edwall-Björklund commented on the honor:

- I’m very happy and proud. The launch campaign for Tork Paper Circle was designed to meet a commercial need, with sustainability and innovation as the focal points, and it’s an example of when these elements, together with communication, work at their very best. I’m so proud of what we at the Communication Function have achieved at Essity. Our work is characterized by authenticity and creativity. A warm thanks to the employees at Tork and all the communicators who have done an outstanding job together and who should all be honored by this nomination. Communication is incredibly important, now more than ever in today’s society and the times we live in. I’d also like to thank the Swedish Communication Association for everything you do for our function and for this virtual award ceremony.

Hanna Brogren, General Secretary of The Swedish Communication Association, comments:

- Essity has successfully managed to tackle serious, important and often crucial subjects in an engaging manner. Here, they explain the recycling process in a way that emphasizes the human element. It is the stories about and by people that add warmth to Essity’s overall communication and answer the question of “why”. That’s what makes good communication,” says Hanna Brogren, General Secretary of the Swedish Communication Association.