We are taking one step further in our collaboration with the donation of over 3.2 million Tempo masks to people in need, such as migrants in reception centers, school students, and other fragile groups, who are most affected by the pandemic.

Over 300,000 10-pack masks will be donated, for a total of 3.2 million masks, worth over 150,000 euros. The distribution will be carried out from August onwards in various Italian cities and regions, including Bresso (Milan), Settimo Torinese (Turin), Salerno, Bari, Rome, Avezzano (L'Aquila), Sardinia and Sicily. 

“We are proud of this partnership with the Italian Red Cross in the framework of an ongoing global pandemic. We believe that hygiene, health and well-being are fundamental rights that must be guaranteed to all,” states Massimo Minaudo, CEO of Essity Italia. “We are doing anything possible to support the fight against Covid-19, as we are aware of the poverty generated by the pandemic. With the donation of 3 million masks in collaboration with the Italian Red Cross, we offer concrete help and show how important it is today for companies to take action and break barriers to well-being."

Francesco Rocca, President of the Italian Red Cross, comments, "In these times of fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, our partners have played a crucial role in supporting the most vulnerable groups in society, throughout the national territory. But the pandemic is not yet over and donations like the one Essity has just committed to enable us to be even more present everywhere for those who most need support."

Long-term partnership

The collaboration between Essity Italia and the Italian Red Cross began in 2020, the year when the pandemic started, with the 'Tempo della gentilezza' (time for kindness) project. Essity donated over 72,000 personal hygiene products. Furthermore, in October 2020, a charity auction was organized at the art exhibition 'Viva La Vulva'. The proceeds were doubled by the company and donated to the Milan and Rome Committees for the 'Vulnerable Women Care'.

In 2021, Essity and the Italian Red Cross have started a long-term partnership with three key pillars: 

  1. ‘The Vulnerable Woman Care project’ with the annual donation of over 60,000 personal hygiene products to women living on the street or in extremely fragile conditions

  2. Education initiatives aimed at young people

  3. Corporate volunteering activities

Contributing to a better tomorrow is what drives our business forward. Our partnership with the Italian Red Cross shows that we are truly committed to contributing to society. With the donation of 3.2 million Tempo masks to the most vulnerable groups in society we continue to break barriers to well-being, one step at a time.