The result of that investigation is that COFECE has issued fines to three companies, with Essity being one of the three.  In addition, COFECE has fined certain individual employees of the three companies. 

The Essity employees involved identified the inappropriate activities several years ago and reported them to Essity in accordance with the company’s internal protocols and policies. The same individuals have worked consistently throughout the investigation process to assist both Essity and COFECE. As a result of Essity’s cooperation with COFECE, the fine is not material to the company. 

Since even before COFECE initiated its investigation, Essity Mexico have taken steps to enhance and strengthen the company’s compliance programs, reaffirming Essity’s values. Essity is committed to full compliance to all laws, including laws designed to protect and promote fair competition. 

Essity will not make any further comments regarding the Resolution at this time. For any questions on details of the investigation we refer you to COFECE.