The Tork Eco Office Survey, conducted on behalf of global hygiene company Essity among 14,000 workers in seven countries across Europe and in the US, reveals that a resounding 83% of employees want to see a more environmentally friendly office.

The research shows a marked increase in awareness of sustainability in people’s private lives being reflected in their workplace attitude. In the US, 77% of the workers surveyed are now prioritizing a company’s sustainability reputations and actions when looking for a new job.  Combine this with the fact that 58% feel their current office is ‘shamefully’ eco-unfriendly, it becomes clear that an eco-friendly office is important for retaining and attracting people. Learn more about the results in the US here: U.S. employees returning to the office are ‘greener’ than when they left at the start of the pandemic, Essity survey finds | Tork US (

In Europe It is clear that action is needed by facility managers and management as 78% think their employer could do more to create an eco-friendly office. Additionally, almost 60% feel that the same employer should communicate better about sustainability in the workplace. Learn more about the EU results here: Providing a consistently healthy and hygienic work environment is key to employee satisfaction, well-being and productivity. | Tork UK

Currently almost 7 out of 10 employees globally feel that they are left to take the lead when it comes to sustainability actions in their offices, and many have already considered implementing eco-friendly practices themselves.  Recycling waste is a top topic to be considered, as 9 out of 10 finds this an important action to address.

With Essity’s Tork PaperCircle® service, we already help businesses in 14 countries across Europe to recycle used paper hand towels. This service makes a big impact as it reduces the waste, but also delivers on reducing the overall carbon footprint. An additional benefit is the fact that 95% of existing customers said the Tork PaperCircle® service has increased the overall sustainability awareness* among staff in their facility. Learn more about Tork PaperCircle here: Tork PaperCircle - the world’s first paper hand towel recycling service. | Tork UK

*Based on survey results conducted in January 2022 of 41 Tork PaperCircle® customers in Europe