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Essity B 271.1 (-2.3 SEK) on 28-Oct-2020 15:04

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Hygiene and health company Essity has secured additional capacity to meet the increased demand for Tork®-branded hand sanitizers. The Group will increase its supply capacity of hand sanitizer in Europe as of the fourth quarter of 2020. The increased capacity enables continued high growth of the existing range but also new product launches.

 Research among 10.000 consumers in ten countries, conducted on behalf of Essity in July 2020, shows that hand hygiene is now an integral part of everyday routines and that 74% of people now consider hand hygiene to be more a part of their overall health routine than before the pandemic. The same research shows that 69% of respondents now find hand sanitizers a good complement to washing hands. This is a clear sign that hand sanitizers will play an important role in hand hygiene routines.

One impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a greater focus on hand hygiene as a way to stem the spread of the virus. Essity’s Professional Hygiene business, under the leading global brand Tork®, has seen a steep increase in demand for hand sanitizers in response to new hygiene regulations or customers’ desire to provide an additional layer of safety where water and soap are not available.

By increasing sanitizer capacity, businesses and their employees and customers can offer consistent and reliable access to hand-hygiene products when handwashing is not readily available.

“Essity’s professional hygiene business is committed to delivering a full range of high quality and fully-certified hand sanitizer products. This added capacity enables the Tork brand to help our customers secure the new hygiene standard, keeping their businesses running.” says Don Lewis, President Professional Hygiene at Essity. 

Essity has published educational materials on its Tork website that outlines the correct use of hand sanitizers here.  


About the Essentials Initiative Survey 2020-2021 

In this global web survey, conducted biennially, we gather insights from the general public by questioning about 15,000 respondents aged 16-85 years in 15 countries. This study highlights attitudes, behaviors and mindsets around a broad range of hygiene and health areas. The field research was carried out from December 2019 to January 2020 and was complemented in July 2020 with an in-depth look into hygiene and health issues relating to the coronavirus pandemic by surveying over 10,000 respondents in ten countries. Find the survey results here.